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A really cool looking app has hit the App store and yes, you guessed it! It is a product that my friend and I created! I know that this is a lot to ask for, BUT, I'll say it anyway :)

The app is called "Breviary: Book of Catholic prayers for iPhone". I know what you'll all say:
 - What is this?
 - Why are you pushing religion on us?
 - Why are you promoting your app through this site??
And so on..
But I still hope you won't feel offended in any way and see this as an ad. If you like it, THAT'S GREAT, if you don't, that's okay too.

Here's how it goes. The first day that an app hits the app store is crucial to every application. In order for Breviary to become popular it has to reach a certain amount of downloads the first week. Well THIS WEEK IS THE FIRST ONE!

Get Breviary, rate it on the App Store… and above all – invite as many of your religious iPhone-mates to give it a try as well! There is an easy way to invite your friends through the app with sms, email and even facebook!

The app sells for $2,99 and I can promise you it’s worth the money!

Thank you guys in advance for every download we get! Your endorsement is appreciated!

Check out the details on Our official Breviary site or download it from the app store!!

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Coolest Yacht I've ever seen


Well I was out for a while now and didn't post anything for some time. I was looking to find something cool and this is definitely it. Can you believe this?? I'm sure all of you boys and girls out there have seen just about anything surfing the internet, well so have I.. But this is just amazing. Imagine being on this amazing yacht. I'm not sure about the designer or the cost of this boat but if you happen to know please write it in the comment inside the post.. Thanks ;-)

If somebody showed me only this picture I would sasy that i'ts some modern beach house hangiong on some clif...

Awwwwh, c'mon man, can this be any better.. I mean really??

The only thing about this yavht that I dont like is the front.. It really looks more like the back.. lol

I guess that this is just for the crew.. yeah right.. lol

A tree??? A tree growing inside a boat for decoration purposes?? Imagine how well it is designed to provide enough daylight for the tree to grow..

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Coolest USB sticks


Are you looking for a cool USB stick?? Well this is the place where you can see my collection of the coolest ones. I've managed to get a grip on a collection of USB sticks that just blow your mind. It's pretty cool what will people think of next. You can find a lot of interesting innovations in my "A glimpse into the future" post which contains a few cool futuristic gadgets that I'd really like to have a t home. So as soon as you decide which USB stick you like the most and put it in the comment, go to this post and see some more cool stuff that's coming to electronic stores in a few years.

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Have you ever had an urge to express yourself but you didn't know how?? You don't know how to paint, you don't know how to make sculpture, you're not good at playing music on any instrument.. So what can you do.. Maybe the reason for your lack of idea is because you think too conservatively. Don't be restricted to only traditional art as painting, sculpturing etc. This is exactly what this guy did.. He, not only managed to get rid of these annoying flies that were constantly buzzing all around the room, but he made some funny, interesting stuff with them afterwards.. So these flies will leave their mark in history as anonymous supporters of art :) Check out this guys work and feel free to comment. Enjoy this FLY ART :)

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A glimpse into the future - part 1


Did you ever wonder how will the world look like in a few hundred years?? Well I did, so I took time to seek out some the most advanced technology and try to simulate the future. And I'm not talking about concept cars which we see every year on different auto shows like Geneva or Detroit. I'm talking about the real everyday stuff.. like cell phones, plasma TV, some other kind of TV screen maybe??, kitchen designs, building designs, table designs, computer designs, mp3 players etc. I found so many cool pictures of different future gadgets I just couldn't put them all in just one post. So this is the first part... Expect more pictures because I've found a lot of them!!!

Flask mobile phone, looks like a lighter, but it's really a cell phone. Imagine the possibilities...

Brix attachable mobile phones. This is really a picture of 10 cell phones connected to one another. Each of them is touch screen mobile phone that has a display on the whole surface of the phone. If you attach them you can choose what to display on each of them and form abigger screen or display some particular thing on one of them like the score of a soccer game. Amazing!!

A new kind of desk mp3 player. It takes very little place and looks amazing!!

A table laptop.. It really not a lap-top :), it's a table computer!!

Apple curved screen for better 3D feeling while whatching your favourite documentary on NBational Geographic.

A computer with 3 screens. Gaming should be 3 times the fun :) I actually think that this will look better in the future but the idea is futuristic!!

This is actually a real design buildings in Korea this looks too good to be true.. The buildings look terrific from a distance. I hope to visit Korea some day because of this..

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