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These pumpkins are something special, here are some great ideas for haloween pumpkin decoration some of them are realy easy to make and the rest.. well it's up to you to decide. Anyway these guys did a great job carving these suckers and I gathered a collection of the coolest ones. Be sure to check out the rest of them inside..

Sick pumpkin!

Viking pumpkin!

Ugly looking pumpkin!

Frankenstein pumpkin!

Sad, almost crying pumpkin!

Old Indian pumpkin!

Mad pumpkin!

Intel inside pumpkin!

Bigass bully pumpkin!

Drunk Pumpkins after a party

And the most interesting one :) ..
Ass pumpkin!

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  1. Anonymous ...... 

    That was a pirate, not a viking.....O_O

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