First close-up Pictures of Animals in the Womb

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Using a combination of 3D scans, ultrasound and computer graphics a team of scientists have developed pictures of animals inside the womb. This sort of pictures have never been seen and this is the first time we can actualy see how animals develop inside the womb.

Over just 63 days an ordinary pet dog is equiped with all the things he needs bor basic survival, this picture shows the foetus in that state of development, actualy the foetus is already a dog..

These are the pictures of an elephant in development, after six months(down), after 16 weeks(up).

This is a baby dolphin at 29 weeks, he is already swiming inside the womb and moving his eyes, ready to face the ocean and swim into his life.

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  1. Anonymous avik 


  2. Anonymous Kaitlyn 


  3. Anonymous Elly 

    Ew but dontcha think the 4th one is kinda cute the puppy one too but the 5th one is gross

  4. Anonymous dave 

    the 3rd elephant one was weird but the rest were cool

  5. Anonymous secretsquirrel 

    O_o dat elephant is just plan freaky

  6. Anonymous pancake 

    it was ok. kinda weird

  7. Anonymous Dooked 

    Wow... Cool... And the elephant is so cuteeeeeeeeee

    PD: I love to be the first one to post an answer

  8. Anonymous freaky green eyes 

    loser they said ultra sound and computer graphics therefore they are editing them by adding color so you CAN SEE!!! amazing yes

  9. Anonymous Phantom 

    Wow...That third elephant did look weird but the rest looked ok. Y is their color in these pics unless they just stuck up the camera in their.

  10. Anonymous Kajagoogoo 

    It's not fake. They clearly state at the top of the page that the images were developed using 3D scans, ultrasound and computer graphics. So no, it's not an actual photograph, but they never claimed it was.

  11. Anonymous tucson 

    Amazing images. Keep in mind, like it states, computer graphics plays a part to help inhance the photos and scans.

  12. Anonymous derka 

    That last elephant was obviously fake, but the others look convincing.

  13. Anonymous cooldoggie 

    if you read at the top avik it says,
    "Using a combination of 3D scans, ultrasound and computer graphics..."
    thats why they look like wax models.

  14. Anonymous elise 


  15. Anonymous Jme K 

    I liked the dog but the others were weird

  16. Anonymous Lorny 

    Good God... I never though I'd say this, but Is that baby elephant lying on it's mothers Vagina?

  17. Anonymous BF 

    Look at the pretty elephant...

  18. Anonymous Oh Snap 

    wow God is awesome.

  19. Anonymous Bob da guy 

    they all look fake to me... yay mice!^_^ :

  20. Anonymous cory 

    Avik they used "computer graphics", it says so right in the introduction. Color was obviously added later.

  21. Anonymous jelly 

    avik is WRONG. the textures have been added by the computer afterwards to show the colour of the foetus.

  22. Anonymous red 

    lol @ "fake" the pictures were developed using 3D scans, ultrasound and computer graphics. Short of cutting these animals open this is as 'real' as it gets.

  23. Anonymous Phsycowombul. 

    If you look at the first elephant one, you can actually see the hooves where they've been worn away, gone white, got scratched and toughened. Im not too sure about the first one. But the others are all really cool.

  24. Anonymous Mad Moses 

    Avik, read before you look. You fetus.

  25. Anonymous Ian 

    Totally agree. MUST be fake!!

  26. Anonymous kittycat1st 

    they are the jst the best weare so lucky to have a chance to see these rare pictures.

  27. Anonymous kittycat 

    These pictures are are just the best we are so lucky to be able to see them. We have had these for years so why not the animals to good for them i say, this is tecnology at its best.

  28. Anonymous Andy 

    Thats weird dude, but surely you would not know what colour they would be inside !

  29. Anonymous anonamous 

    freaky that is just plain freaky!! :o :o

  30. Anonymous sinibini 

    oh, kind of strange but cute in a way.... wow

  31. Anonymous Valerie 

    Avik, don't you think that modern technology can be taken into consideration?

    Anyway, these pictures are very cool.

  32. Anonymous Levi 

    Dogs don't have claws in the womb do they? Surely that would hurt Mum on the way out??!?!???

  33. Anonymous me.... yes! ME! 

    whoaaa..... the last elephant one seems to be resting on a butt full of... stuff...

  34. Anonymous flying pie 

    ....dat is just plain nasty

  35. Anonymous avik is wrong 

    This is COMPUTER GENERATED from ultrasounds, read. They are not fake. Some of these were on the Oprah show

  36. Anonymous Nicole 

    Umm.... shouldn't it be DARK? I have a feeling these aren't as real as you think they are...

  37. Anonymous Nat 

    Awesome!! so cute:)

  38. Anonymous clinton 

    Do we really need to keep saying over and over about how they aren't fake? We get the picture...

  39. Anonymous lubbunny 

    i dont like nicole

  40. Anonymous Ashley 


  41. Anonymous Gem 

    EWWWW why put them on the Oprah show?!
    Strange stuff....but they are cute all the same..sorta.

  42. Anonymous Aithne 

    Wow... How do certain people make it through daily life? Anyway, the computer enhanced 3D scans/ultra-sounds are pretty cool.

  43. Anonymous Tina 

    A) haven't you guys seen similar photos of human fetuses?

    B) They have this needle w/ a camera on the end they can stick into WOMEN's stomachs to see the baby, can't they do the same here? (Course it'd be dark inside... but they use light and what-not otherwise why'd they do colonoscopies? Lol they shine a light up your butt cuz there is no light in there!)

    C) Most medical scans and what-not add color so you can see the contrast (Ex. some mri... the baby elephant tho looks out of the womb like its lying on a placenta... maybe that was either taken out or taken from a dead elephant?)

  44. Anonymous iateyourgoat 

    photoshopped but pretty cool

  45. Anonymous chrissy 

    THEY ARE NOT FAKE...they had these pictures in the newspaper describing the technology from a university or something.

    Yeah, I know, not everything you read in newspapers is real, but this is.

  46. Anonymous Penzanov 

    Great post dude, you rock!!

    Awesome, I always navigate to your site and catch some cool things to read and look

  47. Anonymous patton420 

    crazy shiznit

  48. Anonymous Courtney 

    wow that is so cool i dont think that is fake because they would not be able to get them to look so real. i wanna see some more pics

  49. Anonymous Colin Golfball 

    Good Lord - interesting pictures let down by utterly retarted comments by noobs not reading the main text *rolls eyes*

  50. Anonymous Taylor 

    This is wicked awsome

  51. Anonymous dragonfly_1654 

    These are fake. They're clay reproductions.

  52. Anonymous Phoenix 

    That last elephant looks like it's been removed from the womb. Maybe it died of something and had to be delivered, or the mother was killed, so they took a pic of the fetus. That's sad. But the ones from the inside are really cool.

  53. Anonymous Steve 


  54. Blogger motion11 


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