Giant sculptures by Ron Mueck

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Ron Mueck is an Australian, born in 1958., sculptures one of many hyper realistic works with silicone, acrylic and fiberglass. The following pictures are example of his work in which he also grants his figures the expressions of feelings. Check out the Visual Arts category for more artistic stuff. Be sure to check out more fascinating pictures inside..

His work is between reality and fiction..

The details are all taken care of..

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  1. Anonymous Jon.M 

    Beautiful. They are so realistic, so much time must have been put into these. Stunning, really.

  2. Anonymous Ben Steed 

    Simply amazing...entirely surreal and vividly haunting

  3. Anonymous Jim 

    Amazingly realistic, full of emotion.

  4. Anonymous Brian Armstrong 

    Brilliant work; very inspired.

  5. Anonymous Lesley Boulager 

    Pretty fascinating sculptures.. too realistic for me though, too creepy hah.

  6. Anonymous Ryan 

    Wow. Fantastic.

  7. Anonymous S.Carolina 

    Pretty cool stuff.

  8. Anonymous Casey 

    amazing. photography and sculptures both.

  9. Anonymous travis 

    That is amazing!

  10. Anonymous JU 

    These sculptures are insane. Definately needs a site of its own.

  11. Anonymous Draak13 

    Fantastic. I like how all of the sculptures portray imperfectly figured people, so that it looks even more real.

  12. Anonymous coveLL 

    From the looks of that last pict. even giants have their share of newspaper blanket bums...

  13. Anonymous 666 


  14. Anonymous Ben 

    The Nasher Art Gallery at Duke University has one of his pieces and it really is just *startling* to look at. Even once you feel adjusted to it, it still makes you uneasy being in the same room with the piece. I think the large size fools the brain into sensing closeness to the object, thereby making it seem like we are within the personal space of this stranger - and he/she in ours.

  15. Anonymous Cool Guy 

    Generic art-critic like compliment to make myself seem like I know about art like the rest of these wankers are pretending.

  16. Anonymous The annonymus penguin 

    The baby is cute too!!!!! =D
    they all look so real...
    Beh.. they are messing with my brain.

  17. Anonymous Sara 

    Definately some of the most amazing things I have ever seen.

  18. Anonymous Cady 

    Oh my word, they look so real!

  19. Anonymous therenody 


  20. Anonymous xhar 

    That was awesome!!!

  21. Blogger reza 


  22. Anonymous Anonymous 

    this is amazing

  23. Anonymous Jenny Mertes 

    I saw the squatting boy at Aros art museum in Aarhus, Denmark yesterday. Stunning in scale and realism - I could see the blue veins in his feet and legs. He looked absolutely lifelike, as if he would stand up and stretch any second.

  24. Anonymous delwyn phillips 

    unbeliveable, a truley blessed man

  25. Anonymous 

    when will you be in the dallas,ft worth area again?

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