What's wrong with these Cartoons ??

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All of these cartoons have one thing in common and that is: LACK OF LOGIC!! What do you think about Popeye and Olive?? What about Popeye Jr.? Does Hulk have balls at all? What are the ingredients of Popeyes source of strength, spinach?? Flintstones? Can you answer these questions?? Check inside the post for answers and other cartoon mysteries..

If popeye and Olive Oyl naver had sex..

..then where the hell did Popeye Jr. come from and...

...why does he look so much like Wimpy the Hamburger Addict??

Why do all the bad guys want to destroy the world?? Where the hell would they live??

Think about the effect spinach has on Popeye.. Is thet really spinach or something else.. Like some kind of a drug?? Notice his jaw.. :)

Why did the Little Red Riding Hood have to ask so much questions before relising that Grandma was really the Big Bad Wolf?? Was she mentally challenged or blind??

If Coyote had so much money to buy thousands of crappy ACME devices to trap the Roadrunner, why didn't he just go and buy himself some nice BBQ chicken with some chips and a Coke??

What kind of sh** do the 7 dwarves drink so that after 20 hours of work they come out of the mine singing and whistling???Or was it the Snow white!? Remember: " Hi HO'!!"

And, why do the Flintstones celebrate Christmas when they lived WAY before Christ??

Why did Superman, Batman and other thugs and thugettes from the Justice League wear treir undies over their pants??

How come the Incredible Hulk always manages to desstroy all of his clothes except his pants?? Were thea strechy or was he really small down there??

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