Amazing Photography by Matt Stuart

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Matt Stuart is by my opinion one of the greatest photographers of our time!! His pictures are very realistic but also very imaginative and creative. He takes pictures of ordinary everyday people in their ordinary everyday activities... but the pictures come out everything BUT ordinary!! You'll see that life can surprise you in every step of the way, every day... you just have to notice the all the little small things that happen all around you, that can make you smile or amaze you.. Look through Matts eyes and see what I mean..

The Angels are asking themselves the same question..

shhhhh... she's asleep

Two headless and one bodiless figures.. how did he see that..?

Notice the statues.. hmmm..

Stretching time... or peeing time..

Off you go... This looks like that guy is dropping the other guy into the sewer..


He finally found his twin brother!!

Nice capture..

At first I thought the camera is sideways but if you look at the wall on the right you'll see that the tub is actually attached to the wall and that guy is standing.. funny..

The left hand is from the man behind the first one, but they look like they're one two headed man..

Night nap..

I don't get this one :)

Clown nose..



Prom queen...


Look at the old mans nose :))

Dog driving a car..??

Goofy foot..

Notice the shadow..

She's got something in her nose..

Naughty, naughty..

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